Clinical Governance

  • Clinical Governance
  • Clinical Governance

Clinical governance and a culture of care underpin every service we provide. Governed by a team of highly qualified, skilled and experienced pre-hospital care specialists, our organisation is driven from the top to our skilled practitioners on the ground to deliver, quality pre-hospital care, clinical performance and exceptional training standards, daily.

Our clinical framework is further supported by state-based senior paramedical and medical specialists, who will support, diagnose and treat a full range of general and emergency presentations…….every time.

Our highly trained health specialists provide guidance and direction for:

  • Training and courses
  • Clinical procedures
  • Treatment protocols
  • Triage, assessment and treatment protocols
  • Access to clinicians
  • Escalation of cases
  • Clinical protocol conformance audit
  • Medical panel case review
  • Facilitate in-field skills maintenance
  • Learning advanced practical procedures in a live environment
  • Training needs and structure
  • Treatment and training consult
  • Clinical protocols consult
  • Methodology including patient care records
  • Clinical practices and procedures manuals
  • Patient care record audit

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